Saturday, May 8, 2010

Favorite watch broke :(

I have had this watch for over a year and the face cracked :'( so I am on a new quest to buy another one. Nixon's have always been a favorite, but I did some research and found a new line of watches from NOOKA and they are pretty cool. Here are a few that caught my eye:


  1. P.s You have sooo much to tech me about my blog how u post all those pictures on the sides and how u made your picture infront of ur title page centered lol I cant figure that out!

  2. these are some pretty funky watchess!! hmm I would get one of them after I buy a nice everyday watch.. but lol I would definately not have the money!

  3. i knowwww i love them they're so cool! They're like nixon watches. Haha it's easy to upload the pics on the side go to customize at the top right corner,,,,then right click "add a gadget" then scroll down to "Picture" and click the "+" symbol and upload a pic. Let me know if it works!