Friday, July 16, 2010

Nooka Watch

I'm soooooo excited, FINALLY, I purchased a Nooka watch! I've been searching and waiting for a long time for a nice nooka watch to appear online and on sale. I purchased a lavander watch it is sooo funky and cool and PRETTY! I bought it on the website It's a website that has limited time offers of designer name brands and boutique items. I call it the 'devil site" haha because once you view this site you're always going to want to buy online all the time. It's a good site for people who love name brands and designer clothes and accessories because they have good deals, but items run out fast. I don't really care for expensive or name brand items, but it's ok to treat yourself once in a while so I did! Here is the watch I purchased and I cant wait to recieve it :)


  1. Treat your self alll the time! You deserve it:) and I'm glad you bought this watch Im excited to see it Lavander is a realllyyyyy nice color ;) but of course its a purple! haha

  2. haha thanks jessy! ya I'm sure it's more on the purple side b.c this pic looks really light! I'm excited to learn how to tell time on this bad boy ahaha and can't wait for it!