Monday, September 6, 2010

New Chapter

Moved my sister out to Ottawa for teachers college. Very happy for her and her new exciting journey. She will be living with her friend so she won't be alone....but I sure will miss her....I already do. I tried to skype her but for some reason she can't hear me and I can hear her. It really sucked...I have to check what's wrong and it better not stay like this! Her place is cute and she has a lot of young and goodlooking people/students who live in the area since she lives near her university. I wish I could move and live with her lol She has a pub 5 min away from her place so I'm sure that will be their "spot" she has grocery stores, salons, restaurants and more near her place so she will be fine. I didn't really get to check the city out since we were too busy moving her stuff in, it was very tiring. It feels weird not having her here I don't like the feeling, but it's just for less than a year. It will all be worth it in the end! Congrats to her :)

Last night out in T.O

University of Ottawa

University students

New moon!

Cheers to a new beginning!


  1. I am happy for her, it something new and,m from the way it sounds it seems like something I could get use to!!! I wish her the best of luck with her adjusting and her studies, I hope your skype works out too! Send her a hi from mee! and Missy you know you always got me, I will be coming by to do hmwk every so often since I always feel so focused around you! (K) and then we can relax and watch movies! haha luv ya munchhh.

  2. Thank you Jess!! She is doing well except her bed isn't the comfiest. Yes skype finally worked haha she can hear me thank god it was annoying. But, I forgot that we have a family plan and have unlimited talking anywhere in Canada between our cells :D & Yes when you start school we will do hmwrk together :)