Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Empty

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and time is flying. I work all day every week and I don't have much free time to do the things I would like. I have also come to realization that my older sister is moving out of the house at the end of August. She is going to Ottawa for teachers college and will be living with her friend. My sister and I are extremly close, we do everything together. We share the same taste in clothing and accessories, so it's fun to shop together. We like to try out different food places and restaurants together, we like to hangout with the same friends and have fun no matter what we do. No matter what we have similar interests and have many things in common. We may butt heads from time to time, but we get over it.

She is two years older than me and I have been following her around since we were little kids. Today, at work one of our sales reps. brought in her two daughters age 6 and 8 and they reminded me of my sister and I. They reminded me of how innocent we used to be, carefree, and how we tagged along with our parents where ever they took us, no matter what all day was play time. I used to dress like her and I looked up to her, she basically was my role model growing up.

I really don't like the feeling knowing I won't get to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner with her while she's away. I won't get to get ready with her when we go out, try on eachother's clothes, get eachother's opinions or just talk. I won't get to watch movies/tv with her or just laugh with her.

Although I have a twin brother, it's not the same. He is a very funny character as well, but him and I work all day and when we come home we have our own lives where we go out or crash on our beds because we are too tired. Him and I don't get to talk as often, we try to hangout together with school friends which is nice, and we get to go to school together which is also a bonus, but most of the time it can be annoying because he relies on me too much:S So this is our last year of college together and a year where him and I can bond more because we will have to since we will only have eachother at home.

It is almost July so I have 2 more months with my sister and I am going to try and enjoy every minute I can with her. I will get to celebrate her champagne birthday with her so that will be nice and there will be a going away party for her as well. On a positive note, her friends are still willing to hangout with me when she's gone lol and we will take roadtrips to visit her weither we drive down or take the train. Her bf will miss her dearly since they are bestfriends but him and I will try to go and see her as much as we can. She will also come home from time to time which will be nice as well.

Daniela & I


  1. Vane,

    This is super cute...the two of you are inseperable so you wont have to worry about her when shes out in Ottawa. It will probably even bring you closer but I know it will be hard at first because your going to miss having her around. As for going out for dinner and trying new things you can ALWAYS count on me for that haha........and of course everything else too :P

    Anyways this was a super cute/sweet blog - I enjoyed reading it


  2. You are blessed to have such a beautiful bond with your sister. Sometimes life and responsibilities take over, but before you know it you both will be back together again! <3 luvv you!

  3. AWW This is so sweet. Family is so important and it's always good to spend more time with eachother :)

  4. thanks guys :) family is important and it's important to cherish all the times spent with them!