Sunday, June 27, 2010

Get Inspired

This August my cousin is getting married and he is the first of the cousins on my dad's side, so it's going to be a big yet fun wedding. This obviously means I want to dress to impress. So I have been doing my research and I have fell in love with some dresses online that will inspire me to look for my perfect dress! Weither it's a pretty color, floral, or print dress it's all about the perfect fit and cut. Below are some dresses that I either like the color or style that will help me decide on what dress to look for.

This dress is my fav. I probably won't find a dress like this, but I love the color and I think it would look nice with my blonde hair. It doesn't have to be a long gown considering im only 5'2, it would still look nice above or at the knee. I also love the style as well.

All of these dresses are very pretty and different from what I would normally look for, but that is the point. I really hope to find a dress that I can feel like a star that day. I love to dress up from head to toe because I don't get to do that very often! When the time comes I will post what I end up wearing :)

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  1. Vane...I was going to tell you which are my top 3 but I love them faviourt faviourt is the first one :)